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Next generation container
Composite container

Next Generation Container



Light weight, half of conventional weight

  • ・FRP composite containers are about half as light as steel containers
  • ・It is easy to carry, leading to a reduction in transport work.

Safe because it does not explode

  • ・It can prevent secondary damage without explosion in case of fire.
  • ・It is light and floats on water or seawater, so tanks can be collected in the event of an earthquake.

Plastic does not rust

  • ・Excellent corrosion resistance and does not rust even in coastal areas and ships.

You can see the remaining amount

  • ・Since the container can be manufactured translucently, the remaining amount can be checked visually.

Realize your desired design

  • ・Because of FRP, colorful containers can be manufactured.
  • ・Because it is possible to design the container, it can be installed indoors.
  • ・Design is possible according to the interior ...


Cost reduction

Distribution costs can be cut by as much as 75%

  • ・By adopting FRP containers, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of transported fuel with approximately half the weight of conventional containers.
  • ・In an aging society, the burden of transportation labor can be reduced.

Main specifications of container

Composite container for LP gas 20kg
Container dimensions outer diameter:315mm
cylinder weight 17.5kg
total content 47L
maximum filling pressure 1.8MPa
price open price
  • ※Overall dimensions and weight may vary depending on the design.
  • ※Automatic filling, transportation and valve connection can be handled in the same way as existing steel cylinders.

Features of FRP
composite container

Features of steel container



The FRP composite container is one-half lighter and safer than steel containers.
Does not explode and has excellent corrosion resistance.



Since the container is lighter than a steel container, the transportation cost can be reduced by 75%.



FRP composite containers are lighter and safer, weighing only half the weight of steel containers.
Does not explode and has excellent corrosion resistance.