Business description concept

only one technology

Technical offering

Supports everything from factory site selection, design to approval, including the provision of manufacturing technology

In Europe, composite containers have a share of more than 90%, but development is still slow in Japan.
For companies considering entry into new businesses, from factory site selection to approval, manufacturing We support everything, including providing technology.

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    Factory construction

    The selection of a planned site that meets the factory construction conditions is an important base for conducting a new business.
    We will make proposals from the selection of the planned site of the factory, construction and completion, making use of the experience so far.

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    Provision of technology

    Technical capabilities

    There are technologies that have been working with each manufacturer to develop new technologies for manufacturing FRP tanks.
    We will provide the technology from design to manufacturing requested and support the new business on the way.

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    Manufacturing and sales license


    Even if a FRP tank can be manufactured, it cannot be established as a business without the approval of the application.
    Leveraging our experience, we will be able to build a series of flows from factory construction to manufacturing technology and licensing. All will be provided in one stop.

The future of
FRP tanks

Future of FRP tank

In the near future, it will be the era of switching from LPG cylinder containers to FRP tanks.

  • Medical oxygen container
  • Hydrogen tank
  • Beverage server
  • LP gas tank for taxis and buses
  • Fire extinguisher, small cassette cylinder

Approximately 1 billion LPG cylinder containers are distributed worldwide, and 50 million are distributed in Japan.
In Japan, iron tanks are the mainstream, but it is said that in the near future, more than 90% will switch to FRP composite containers as in Europe.

We will lead the advancement of the energy field through the spread of next-generation high-pressure gas containers

In the era when steel containers are being converted to FRP containers, FRP manufacturing technology is spreading to various fields of energy in Japan.
Looking at the business to convert to FRP By aiming, you can enter a new business.

Features of FRP
composite container

Features of steel container



The FRP composite container is one-half lighter and safer than steel containers.
Does not explode and has excellent corrosion resistance.



Since the container is lighter than a steel container, the transportation cost can be reduced by 75%.



FRP composite containers are lighter and safer, weighing only half the weight of steel containers.
Does not explode and has excellent corrosion resistance.